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Team Japan promoting The Ice 2014 (x)

Yuzuru Hanyu Fantasy on Ice in Toyama 2014 [x]


This is why I love Yuzuru. Not for his jumps, not for him creating world records. It's his personality and manner.



Chinese Translations: @yuriakira

Kanako Murakami; “Right now, I’m just thinking about skating till the next season.” 

Q: How are you feeling right now? 
A: I don’t really feel that great. My stomach’s not feeling its best. 

Q: Thinking back, how well do you think you did this time around at the World Championships? 
A: I did really well in training, so I’m not sure myself what went wrong. In fact, I wasn’t particularly nervous, either. It’s just that my body went rigid when I heard the music. I plan on rewatching the recordings of the competition and discuss with my coach on where I may have gone wrong in order to fix my mistakes.  

Q: How did you feel about your first Olympic Games? 
A: It felt like a very busy season. 

Q: When do you think was the hardest and most tiring for you? 
A: Probably the time when I switched my short program. 

Q: After the Sochi Olympics, you said that you had developed a desire to perform your ideal program. How do you plan on carrying this desire onto the next season? 
A: My mindset isn’t that I want to patch up the hole in my abilities, but that I want to start over again completely new. I want to be able to create a me who is even stronger than before, so I plan to abandon all of my previous ways of thinking. So for now, I don’t know how I plan to continue yet. 

Q: Then are you angry at yourself? 
A: My willpower is really weak, so I want to be able to change that. In order to change that, perhaps I’ll have to restart from the beginning. 

Q: Do you think you’ll need to start over even in terms of artistry and performance? 
A: I’m the type who is scared of challenging new things, so I think I’d like to at least give it a shot even if it doesn’t necessarily make a difference. 

Q: Is there anything that you would like to change in particular? 
A: I haven’t discussed this with my coaches yet. I plan to decide after going through everything with them first. At my age right now, I’ll need to train all of my weaknesses as well. So whatever I decide to focus on will definitely include my skating skills, in addition to my understanding and interpretation of the programs. 

Q: For a time, you said that this season could possibly be the “synthesis of all your years of experience”. What did you mean by that? 
A: I’ve actually thought about retiring if I was able to achieve good results at the 2014 World Championships. My dream since I was little was to become a figure skating coach. I had thought that I’ve worked very hard as an athlete already, and that I should continue working hard as a coach. If any ice shows invited me to skate, I would go as training to become a coach. However, I now get the feeling that it’s not over yet, and that I need to continue on for just a while longer. 

Q: Do you plan on developing a plan to get to the PyeongChang Olympics? 
A: Right now, I’m just thinking about skating till the next season. It’s hard to see so far into the future. If I can get the feeling of accomplishment from having what I consider as the perfect performance, perhaps I’ll retire. However, if I feel like I can continue on skating, I’ll continue being a representative athlete. I guess I’ll decide during the World Championships next year, assuming that i can get in. 

Q: Are there any skaters that you greatly respect and wish to be like? 
A: I want to become a skater who is a combination of Mao Asada, Carolina Kostner, and Akiko Suzuki. I respect these three skaters the most. 

Q: Which attributes specifically do you respect these skaters for? 
A: I’ve always thought that Mao’s willpower is very strong, so I wish that I can become as strong as she is. Akiko has a very strong artistry sense and skates as if it’s effortless, so I hope that I can be able to do that as well. Carolina has an exceptionally strong stage presence. All her performances leave the audience begging for more. I really wish that I can become a strong skater like her. 

Q: Personally, do you think that in order to become a coach, you’ll need to become the Japanese champion in order to fully pass on your years of experience? 
A: It might be because my coach, Machiko Yamada, wasn’t the top skater during her competitive career, but I don’t think there’s any relation in being having to become the best in order to be the best coach. The only way to differentiate a good coach from a bad coach is how much you love the sport, and if you’re able to pass on that love for skating to your students. Perhaps good results will help in the beginning, but overall, I don’t really think much about it. 

Q: What kind of skater was Machiko Yamada when she was still competing? 
A: Apparently, she hated skating (laughs). In fact, I’ve also heard that she slacked off a lot, too. Ironically, she was able to win in the High School Nationals. As a coach now, she doesn’t skate anymore, but when I was in the novice and junior categories, she would still skate from time to time. I had thought that she skated beautifully at the time. The skaters from her time were more focused on skating skills rather than jumps, so when she told me this point, the memory of her skating resurfaced. 

Tatsuki Machida // Takahiko Kozuka // Mao Asada // Akiko Suzuki // Yuzuru Hanyu 



Kanako Murakami The Ice 2014


Yuzuru Hanyu’s lovely faces + matching emojis part 1

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i want to become a skater who is a combination of mao asada, carolina kostner, and akiko suzuki.

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