I'm Reena. I make a lot of GIFs and graphics of a certain Olympic dork called Yuzuru. I post a lot of figure skating and useless text posts.

kiss and cry
Team Japan || Japan Open 2012

Make me choose: “king of anything” or "think of me" (asked by yanablumka)


2014 ☼ Michael Christian Martinez + Style Weekend


What you get when you give Yuzu an iPhone

the most decorated figure skater in u.s. history 

Hanyu in Blue


make me choose || adios nonino or les mis? (asked by fuckyeahfeelingamazing)

"With each soft tilt of her head, she brought back memories of the little girl who began skating for the pure love of it, before medals or titles or the expectations of an entire country and sport ever entered her mind." (x)


m o t i v a t i o n a l . y u z u  //  tea for the yuzu fan’s soul

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Team Japan + photos || The Ice 2014 (x)
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